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Questioning the PBO’s math on the value of the Trans Mountain Pipeline

The Parliamentary Budget Officer (PBO), Yves Giroux, produced a report this week on the estimated value of the Trans Mountain Pipeline (TMP) and the Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion Project (TMEP). This report has a lot of people up in arms … Continue reading

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New research puts a stake into the heart of the “Bridge to Nowhere” argument against BC LNG

As someone who has followed the BC LNG debate pretty closely, I can’t count the number of times I have heard the expression “natural gas is a bridge to nowhere“. This expression derives from an infamous article by Cornell Biologist … Continue reading

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Environmental Absolutists are going BANANAs and it will hurt, not help, the environment

Anyone who follows the energy beat knows that the latest chant from the environmental absolutist world is “No new fossil fuel infrastructure” (NNFFI). The slogan has been attributed by most sources to Bill McKibben of Around here you hear … Continue reading

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Sorry folks, but the plural of anecdote is data

One of the reasons I started writing this blog was for science outreach. I like to discuss how we do science. Tonight I am going to go back to my roots and discuss an oft-misunderstood concept in science. The role … Continue reading

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On Wil Horter’s Gish Gallop about Alberta heavy oil and the Trans Mountain

On December 26th, 2018 the National Observer published an article Discount Frenzy: The dirt on discount oil by Wil Horter, the former Executive Director of the Dogwood Initiative. In December 28th, I prepared a reply called Fact-checking the National Observer … Continue reading

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Why a Pragmatic Environmentalist supports BC LNG – doing the climate math

As a pragmatic environmentalist , I am often asked how I could support the BC LNG export industry? I prepared a Twitter thread on the topic but have since been asked to show my work. This blog post builds on … Continue reading

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Follow-up on: Academics getting it wrong on Environmental Assessments – a case study

My previous post Academics getting it wrong about the role of private sector consultants in BC’s Environmental Assessment processes was started in November and sat in my “drafts” folder for over a month. The reason I finished it during my break … Continue reading

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