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Questions about the City of Vancouver May 27th Trans-Mountain Expansion Proposal Summary of Evidence

Yesterday my twitter feed was stuffed with multiple re-tweets of the Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion Proposal (TMEP) Summary of Evidence (SoE) prepared for Vancouver City Council 27 May 2015 (ref). I was first directed to the document by Jeff Lee … Continue reading

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On the “conspiracy” to force people to remain connected to sanitary and sewer systems

The topic for tonight’s blog arrived on my radar because of the story of a Florida woman who went to court in an attempt to legally get herself off the grid (ref and ref). Her story created a pretty significant … Continue reading

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On Seattle’s Kayaktivists: Are they really hypocrites?

My Twitter feed has been filled these last few days with pictures of the “Kayaktivists” protesting Shell’s Arctic Endeavour drilling platform at the Port of Seattle. I am of two minds on this topic. First and foremost, I do not … Continue reading

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Ecomodernism and Degrowth: Part II Future Scenarios

In my last post I introduced readers to both the Ecomodernist and Degrowth movements. Both movements look to provide a roadmap to get humanity off its current ecological/climate change path and on to one that is more sustainable. The Ecomodernists … Continue reading

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On Ecomodernism and Degrowth Part I: Initial Thoughts

As detailed in my previous post, the last E in PELE stands for “Ecomodernist”. Having had the time to read and digest An Ecomodernist Manifesto I thought I should expand on why I think of myself as an Ecomodernist. To … Continue reading

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On being a modern PELE: a Pragmatic Environmentalist, Lukewarmer, Ecomodernist

Last weekend I had the opportunity to go to my 30th high school reunion. The reason my reunion is being mentioned in my blog is that part of a 30th reunion is the inevitable question: “so what are you doing … Continue reading

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On a Broader Definition of a “Lukewarmer”

I have been offline for a bit of a holiday and as such am catching up on some very interesting posts that appeared in my absence. One of the most interesting was from Dr. Tasmin Edwards titled: The lukewarmers don’t … Continue reading

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More on Gypsy Moth Spraying: Bioaerosols and Medical Symptomatology

 I had really hoped that after my first and then second posts on gypsy moth spraying that I could get off the topic and move on to more interesting discussions, but the topic is like the bad guy in a … Continue reading

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