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A pragmatic environmentalist blue-skies a renewable energy project

I have written a lot in this blog about renewable energy. Most of my blogging on the topic has involved looking with a pragmatic eye at various potential renewable energy technologies including geothermal (Part I and Part II), biofuels  and … Continue reading

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On Pragmatic Environmentalism, the Paris Agreement and where do we go from here?

This weekend they passed the Paris Agreement at the end of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change Twenty-First Conference of the Parties (COP21). As I have discussed in previous posts, it is my opinion that the Agreement involved … Continue reading

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A case against the empty symbolism of the 1.5C climate change goal

In my last post on Pragmatic Environmentalism I brought up the topic of Canada endorsing a call to limit global warming to no more than 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels. I bemoaned the idea as being the equivalent of … Continue reading

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On Pragmatic Environmentalism: Being the Responsible Adult in the Room

I wasn’t sure what I wanted write about this weekend only to open up the paper (okay figuratively since I read the paper online) to discover that my next topic had pretty much dropped itself into my lap. There in … Continue reading

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