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On Lukewarmism, denial and a look at the state of the environmental movement

This weekend was a busy one for me, but I had time early in the mornings (thanks to our new puppy) to spend a little time catching up on what is happening in the environmental world. In the process I … Continue reading

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On a Broader Definition of a “Lukewarmer”

I have been offline for a bit of a holiday and as such am catching up on some very interesting posts that appeared in my absence. One of the most interesting was from Dr. Tasmin Edwards titled: The lukewarmers don’t … Continue reading

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Why I think Climate Sensitivity is Essential for Developing Effective Climate Change Policy

For those of you recent to this blog, my primary readership is not typically experts in climate change science but rather people interested in the policy implications of climate change science. This includes people with interests in renewable energy technologies and governmental decision-making. What … Continue reading

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My Lukewarmer post, or how to lose friends on both sides in the AGW debate:

 So in my first couple posts I have talked about pipelines and fossil fuels, but people seem unwilling to accept my views on pipelines until I answer the big question: where do I sit on the topic of anthropogenic global … Continue reading

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