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Carbon Offsets: a Basilica to Bad Policy

Last week’s ridiculous display of private jets in Davos, Switzerland brought back to mind a topic I have meant to discuss in detail: carbon offsets.  For those of you in the back row, a carbon offset is simply a credit … Continue reading

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On Science Communication and the Difficulty Relaying Scientific Information to the Public

This blog posting is a reminder about the difficulties communicating good science both in the media and to our fellow scientists and how challenging it is to communicate to both audiences simultaneously. This blog posting is derived from a three-way … Continue reading

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Black Carbon, a Climate Change Topic We Should all be able to Agree on

One feature of the climate change debate I find particularly troubling is the extent to which CO2 has come to dominate the narrative. Certainly CO2 is a critical component of the climate change discussion, but there are other important areas … Continue reading

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What is so Special about 2 degrees C in the Climate Change Debate?

In my last post I promised to take a bit of time to discuss the 2o C target. You would expect that such an important target was picked through the use of a detailed scientific process with input from the brightest … Continue reading

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Why I think Climate Sensitivity is Essential for Developing Effective Climate Change Policy

For those of you recent to this blog, my primary readership is not typically experts in climate change science but rather people interested in the policy implications of climate change science. This includes people with interests in renewable energy technologies and governmental decision-making. What … Continue reading

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Does the climate change debate need a reset? – on name calling in the climate change debate

The purpose of this post is to address an area I think is incredibly badly served in the climate change debate and damages all resultant policy debates: it is the topic of name-calling. It is a common ploy in debating … Continue reading

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On “Trust” and the Role of Renewable Energy Sources in “Climate Science”

 Over the course of the last few weeks, my readings into the field of climate change have strayed from the technical end of the spectrum to the “discussion” end of the spectrum more than usual. Certainly, I have tried to … Continue reading

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