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Deconstructing the 100% Wind, Water and Sunlight scenarios – Part III Issues with energy storage

Last night I got drawn into a very long Twitter discussion with an acolyte of Dr. Marc Z. Jacobson and his colleagues in the Wind, Water and Sunlight (WWS) series. The discussion revolved around the most recent in Dr. Jacobson … Continue reading

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The good politics and bad policy implications of a revenue neutral carbon tax

Premier Notley and The Alberta Climate Change Advisory Panel released their Climate Leadership Plan this week to widespread approval in both the political and climate communities. One of the features of the recommendations from the Panel is a price on … Continue reading

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On “Shilling” for evidence-based decision making

In the last couple weeks I have had a very interesting time on my social media platforms. As many of you might know I have a regular blog at the Huffington Post. I use that blog to present shorter versions … Continue reading

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Don’t fear the soccer pitch – on synthetic turf fields and risk communication

So my twitter feed exploded again. This time it was about the risks of synthetic turf fields to the kids in our soccer organization. The basis for this furor was a series of reports in The Province, CBC etc…. apparently … Continue reading

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