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More on Gypsy Moth Spraying: Bioaerosols and Medical Symptomatology

 I had really hoped that after my first and then second posts on gypsy moth spraying that I could get off the topic and move on to more interesting discussions, but the topic is like the bad guy in a … Continue reading

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More on Gypsy Moth spraying: Toxicity redux

 Much as I expected, my post on “the nocebo effect” and spraying for gypsy moths” drew a whirlwind of criticism on Twitter and in my email inbox. The major concern had to do with the fact that in my post … Continue reading

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On "the nocebo effect" and spraying for gypsy moths

This week my inbox has been flooded by emails about the decision by our Ministry of the Environment to spray for gypsy moths in parts of Surrey and Delta. For those of you outside the British Columbia lower mainland you … Continue reading

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