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The climate crew, alienating potential allies and worshiping false idols

So last night was the Oscars and, as expected, Leo DiCaprio won the best actor award and, as expected, he took time during his acceptance speech to discuss climate change. Now Canadians are aware of how knowledgeable Leo is on … Continue reading

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A Jacobsonian 100% Wind Water and Sunlight gallop at UCLA

Tuesday evening I spent a couple hours online listening to a moderated debate hosted by the UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability. The debate was titled POWERING EARTH 2050: Is California’s 100% Renewable Strategy Globally Viable? The reason for … Continue reading

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Cap and Trade: a well-intentioned system that can hurt the virtuous

This week a very interesting study came out about Canadian’s views on climate change. I will blog a bit more on that topic later as I am still drilling through the data supplied by the authors but one feature of … Continue reading

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On raising respectful and aware kids in the modern era

I’m going to change up the pace a bit. Over the last year I have written about topics such as renewable energy and climate change but today I am going to address a topic even closer to my heart: how … Continue reading

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Debunking some myths about private sector scientists

I had a discouraging interaction this week with an academic, who in another lifetime I might have described as a colleague. The academic and I disagree on the importance of pipelines in our modern society. That is not unexpected; we … Continue reading

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