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Environmentalism and Pragmatism, the two aren’t mutually exclusive – A blast from my past

I was reading an interesting article at Ensia the other day about how Environmental activism needs “good cops” and “bad cops” and I could not help but have a mighty case of déjà vu. The reason for my vision was … Continue reading

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On “soft climate denial”, regionally-appropriate renewables and marginalizing potential allies in the climate change debate

While reading my Twitter feed I was recently introduced to a brand new label in the climate change discussion: “soft climate denial/denier”. The label, based on my admittedly limited research, appears to have been introduced to our lexicon by a … Continue reading

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On the economic and environmental folly of trying to “strangle the oil sands”

I was in a discussion online with Dr. Andrew Weaver, “BC Green Party MLA for Oak Bay Gordon Head. Deputy Leader, BC Green Party. Lansdowne Professor, University of Victoria” and Eric Doherty, “Transportation planner & @TankerFreeBC Transportation Campaigner”, on the … Continue reading

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On K-Cups, imperfect solutions and the hubris of the environmental movement

There has been a lot of talk in the news in the last couple weeks about the Keurig K-Cup coffee pods. As everyone knows, these pods have taken the world by storm with their ease of use and convenience. According … Continue reading

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On Killer Whales, the Brontosaurus and the Tar Sands

When I was a child, growing up in Coquitlam in the 1970’s, our family had a membership at the Vancouver Aquarium. One of our favourite things was going to see the “killer whales”. We loved to go see Skana and … Continue reading

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The Energy East Pipeline: Dispelling Some Myths

Another couple oil train derailments (Gogama and Galena) in the last week have brought my attention back to the topic of oil pipelines. As I have written elsewhere, the safety record of oil-by-rail is one of the reasons why I … Continue reading

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Wind Energy and Avian Mortality: Why Can’t We get any Straight Numbers?

In my writing on renewable energy, I have not yet spent much time on wind energy. I did establish that a single large wind turbine (rated at about 3.5 megawatts) typically contains around 600 kilograms of rare earth metals (ref) … Continue reading

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On “Bullies”, “shills” and using labels to shut down legitimate debate

Last Wednesday was “Pink Shirt Day”, which for those of you not familiar with the event, is a day to “take a stand against bullying”. The day started as two boys’ response to bullying of a classmate and has become … Continue reading

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