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Let’s face it hypocrisy matters in the pipeline and climate change debates

As someone deeply interested in the pipeline and climate change debates I encounter the topic of hypocrisy every day. The discussion usually starts with a pipeline supporter pointing out that pipeline opponents who rely on fossil fuels are hypocrites. The … Continue reading

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When political scientists do environmental science the results are not always pretty

Anyone who has followed my social media feed knows I am regularly tagged by activists hoping I will amplify a post they have prepared. Sometimes I re-tweet those posts and sometimes I critique them. This week I had one that … Continue reading

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Revisiting 100% Wind, Water and Sunlight for Canada – an ill-advised approach to fight climate change

Dr. Marc Z. Jacobson, the lead scientist of the 100% Wind, Water and Sunlight (100% WWS) movement, was in Vancouver last week for a presentation. Dr. Jacobson is a proponent of relying solely on wind, water and sunlight to meet … Continue reading

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A primer on Professional Governance in the Natural Resources Sector

On October 22, 2018, George Heyman tabled Bill 49 – 2018: the Professional Governance Act (the PGA) which will establish the “Office of the Superintendent of Professional Governance” as well as change other elements of professional governance affecting how select professionals are … Continue reading

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On garbage politics about ocean plastics

This morning on my Twitter feed I came across a ridiculous Tweet by the Green Party of Canada about their #RefuseSingleUse campaign against single use plastics.  As an environmental policy type, I was offended by this tweet because it is … Continue reading

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Once again a group of health professionals gets the science wrong on diluted bitumen and the Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion project

By now, my opinion of physicians and health care professionals wandering into the field of environmental policy are well known. As I have written previously: While I trust MDs on matters relating to my health and wellness, I will stick … Continue reading

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Looking at the science on cannabis, kids and addiction

Last week the Canadian government finally legalized and regulated the production, distribution, and use of cannabis. Like many of my peers, this change in the law didn’t have a serious effect on my life. I didn’t ingest cannabis before legalization … Continue reading

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